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Welcome to Cool Broadway – Your Internet home for booking the best Broadway tours, tickets, and things to do.

Broadway has earned its place among the world’s most renowned vacation destinations with an incredible array of fun things to see and do. However, it’s is not easy to sort through everything that is happening in Broadway. That’s why Cool Broadway is dedicated to offering Broadway visitors a well-organized, attractive menu of the best Miami tours and attractions.

There is no better tool than the Cool Broadway website for helping to plan the perfect itinerary for your active Miami visit. Save time and make planning fun by using the convenient one-stop-shopping service provided by Cool Broadway. We are committed to offering the perfect selection of great attractions and activities to make any Broadway vacation the adventure of a lifetime.

Who We Are

The Cool Broadway team members have been serving Broadway guests for many years. We have built access to deep resource pools and established many useful connections that we can draw on to help us present the city’s most interesting and entertaining tours and activities at prices that are a solid value.
At Cool Broadway, we are more than happy to be able to share our inside knowledge of Miami. You can plan a fun Broadway visit confident that you are working with a trusted local partner that has a reputation for showing guests the best of a city that is well-known for fabulous attractions and lots of fun things to do.

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The power of the Internet and our cutting-edge reservation and ticketing system lets Cool Broadway help you cut wasted time and worry out of planning your Broadway itinerary. You can enjoy browsing through the many tours, attractions, and services we offer, looking at beautiful photographs, and learning from descriptions, details, and genuine customer reviews.

Our goal at Cool Broadway is not only to leave you with more time to enjoy vacation activities but also to make the planning process itself fun and exciting. And when you are finished, you can rest easy knowing that all necessary tickets and vouchers along with detailed information about departure times and locations, parking options, items to have on hand, and so forth will be securely stored on your smartphone or other mobile devices.

It’s the modern way to arrange your vacation activities, and you can enjoy the advantages of Cool Broadway while knowing that all your personal data and every transaction is encrypted and secure. In addition, our web-based shop is backed by an excellent customer service department that is always on hand to answer questions and offer help.


  • Top Broadway tours and activities with photos, descriptions, reviews, and more.
  • Hand-picked attractions & inside information to help you enjoy your vacation.
  • All vouchers, tickets, and important trip details delivered instantly after you make a booking.
  • Best values in the city and 100% secure booking.
  • Great customer service available by phone or email.

Why choose Cool Broadway?

Cool Broadway presents Broadway visitors with the best things to do in Broadway and does it in a way that makes vacation itinerary planning convenient and fun. We take the work out of travel planning and remove worries about phone calls, reservations, and paperwork to let you spend more time enjoying your Miami visit.

Whether you are looking for Broadway tours, rentals, or day trips, Cool Broadway lets you leverage online information, powerful booking technology, and local knowledge to make the most of your Broadway vacation.

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